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Transform boring treadmill and stationary bike workouts into VR fitness adventures with Octonic’s virtual worlds, and inspire your personal best without leaving your home or gym!

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The benefits of exercising with Octonic VR

Fitness treadmill and stationary bike workouts are great for cardio but can be dull and uninspiring, which can stand in the way of fitness goals. Indeed, research has shown that even tech-enabled machines have not really solved the problem of captivating treadmill and bike users or motivating prolonged exercise. Whether you're an avid, recreational, or casual exercise enthusiast, Octonic VR will make your fitness machine workout fun, while requiring minimum investment in time and effort. We’ve also developed a run-in-place mode so you can enjoy running and walking exercises even without additional equipment.

Entertaining and social

With realistic visuals, interactive virtual reality worlds, and AI competitors in the game, you can compete and explore. VR is so life-like and fun you won't even notice you’re exercising.

Quick and efficient

No need to spend time commuting to the gym or the park, no dependency on the weather. With Octonic VR, just hop on a treadmill, bike, or run-in-place, and start exercising in seconds.

Educational and exploratory

Wander the earth's most beautiful places and discover world landmarks at your own pace. You won’t get bored while running or riding with so much to learn and explore.

Safe and comfortable

Working out with our proprietary VR technology prevents motion sickness and is as safe as using a conventional treadmill or stationary bike. Octonic allows natural VR exercising.

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How it works

All you need is a treadmill/bike, mobile headset , and the Octonic VR software.

When you’re on a treadmill or bike with the VR headset on, the hand-tracking system will allow you to seamlessly navigate Octonic's virtual menu and choose a place/track you want to be teleported to. As you start exercising, the VR movement exactly replicates the movement on the fitness machine. You’ll be able to choose between multiple paths on your journey and will have complete freedom to control your speed and how far you go. If you don’t have access to a treadmill or bike, we offer a run-in-place mode, so all you’ll need is enough open space to accommodate your roomscale boundary. Just put your controllers down and move your hands and feet!

VR headset

Octonic VR software is compatible with high-performance mobile headsets, which can be found in this section. We plan to support all upcoming mobile VR headsets as they become available.


Octonic supports FTMS Bluetooth-enabled treadmills and bikes in fully automated mode and we plan to soon be compatible with all treadmill and bike models. We also support 99% of fitness treadmills in semi-automatic mode.

Octonic VR software

Octonic smart VR software consists of a proprietary VR Motion Engine and a VR Content Library with various worlds/tracks and is available to download now on Meta AppLab, and SideQuest.

VR Headsets

Octonic VR software is compatible with the Oculus / Meta Quest 2, a mobile VR headset that delivers high performance and comfort. We plan to support all new mobile VR headsets as they become available.


Meta Quest 3

Get It Now The Quest 3 is Meta’s newest and most advanced consumer-focused headset and offers high-definition color passthrough capability. We recommend using a Kiwi or TSV headset for maximum comfort while exercising intensely.


Meta Quest Pro

Get It Now The Quest Pro, a premium product with its balanced weight distribution and enhanced graphics capabilities, offers optimal features for high-performance runners. Because of its weight balance, we recommend it for higher-speed runs at above 6 MPH.


Meta Quest 2

Get It Now The Quest 2, by far the most popular standalone headset on the market, is an excellent choice for recreational walkers and joggers. We recommend it for use at speeds of up to 6 MPH, with the addition of non-fabric headstraps (Kiwi or Oon) to maximize comfort.


Octonic can be used with 99% of fitness treadmills at least in one of three modes: a non-connected mode, connected mode, and fully integrated mode. No matter in which mode you’re using Octonic with your treadmill, you will be able to get access to any of the Octonic worlds at an uncompromised level of performance and safety with full support from Octonic’s Motion Engine and 3-Level Safety system. Please review the below to find out which mode works with your treadmill.


Non-Connected Mode

For non-connected treadmills, runners can use the passthrough viewbox in the app to access the physical controls of the treadmill, without taking off their headsets. By matching the speed of the treadmill with the speed of the VR controls, they can run seamlessly through the VR worlds. Non-connected mode is compatible with 99% of treadmills on the market. Requirements: handrails and at least 18” belt width.

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Connected Mode

In connected mode, runners perform a quick bluetooth calibration to wirelessly connect their headsets to their treadmills. This enables communication between both devices, so that when the users change speeds or press start/stop in VR, their physical treadmill does the same in real time. Connected mode is available for 40 treadmill brands and any FTMS treadmill. Check the list of supported treadmills below.

Treadmill List


Fully Integrated Mode

In collaboration with our long-standing treadmill partner NoblePro, we have developed the first ever fully integrated treadmill mode that not only synchronizes controls, but also introduces a VR treadmill model which can be calibrated with the real world one. So when people reach out to their VR treadmills, they will touch their real NoblePro treadmills in complete synchronicity. Get NoblePro below.


Non-Treadmill Mode

Octonic also offers a Non-Treadmill Mode that allows runners without treadmills to exercise using the App. You’ll have the flexibility to enter our virtual running trails from wherever you choose. All that is required is enough space for you to run in place.

No Treadmill Required

We initially developed Octonic exclusively for use with treadmills, but received a lot of feedback about using the app to exercise without additional hardware. We listened and now, you can exercise and enjoy our running worlds without having to rely on access to fitness treadmills.

Same Worlds and Trails

With our Non-Treadmill Mode, you’ll have access to the very same library of running trails as our Treadmill Mode. So you won’t miss out on any of the amazing environments we develop and release on a regular basis. Even better, you’ll still be able to compete against AI opponents.

Dynamic Adaptable Speed

You won’t need to press any buttons to adjust your speed. Instead, we’ve developed a Motion Engine feature that tracks your movements and adjusts your speed on the virtual running trail automatically. Running in VR will be as easy as simply putting on a headset and running in place.

Stationary Bikes

Octonic is compatible with FTMS-enabled stationary bikes. Our Motion Engine precisely matches your pedaling speed with the speed at which you’re riding through our virtual worlds. Two-way communication between the headset and bike allows you to control resistance from the app itself.

Bluetooth Enabled

If your bike offers FTMS Bluetooth connectivity, Octonic will be able to wirelessly connect your headset to your bike. Our software allows for easy and precise calibration. Just start pedaling and experience our virtual worlds as the speed of your pedaling synchronizes with the speed at which you’re moving through our virtual worlds.

Cadence Sensor (Coming Soon)

You’ll still be able to use Octonic with stationary bikes that don’t offer FTMS Bluetooth as a feature. Soon, our software will connect with cadence sensors, which you can purchase separately. The sensors will easily align with your bike and connect seamlessly with your headset through our app.

Resistance Training

In addition to harmonizing speed with headset visuals, Octonic will allow you to adjust the level of difficulty during your ride. In-game hand tracking controls give users the ability to lower or raise the resistance level of your bike within virtual reality, so you can push yourself to your fitness limit as you exercise.

VR worlds and tracks

Octonic VR offers diverse choices for exercising. Want a peaceful jog in a desert canyon? We’ve got you covered! Do you desire a more intense out-of-this-world athletic experience? Just teleport to the floating space Arena to race solo or multiplayer against friends, random runners from across the world, or AI competitors, with a cheering crowd in the background.


Sky Island

Take your workout to our Sky Island world. This isn’t your everyday island, though, but a floating landmass on a planet far from Earth. Enjoy unmatched vistas of a neighboring moon and planet while you run on a pristine beach, past a soaring waterfall and through cavernous tunnels. Be mindful to stay away from the edge!

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Caves and Canyons

Our Caves and Canyons natural wonder environment can be experienced by day or during a spectacular sunset. There, you’ll swing past scores of desert cacti, swerve in and out of caverns, and trot by towering mountains and arches. Our stunning and breath-takingly beautiful vistas will be the perfect backdrop for your workouts.

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Test your mental and physical endurance in Sprintblaster, a post-apocalyptic world that combines fitness and gaming. Use your visual aiming system to shoot rockets at targeted objects along your run and clear your path to the finish line. This run features randomly generated opponents, ensuring that no two laps can ever be the same.

vr running arena


Transport yourself to an interplanetary competition in our Arena environment. Set in a futuristic stadium floating through space, you’ll run through a simulated, 8-lane track that will test your speed and endurance. You won’t be alone, either, as you can add up to seven friends, AI competitors, or random runners from across the world to join you on their marks, pushing you to your limit as you race to the finish line.

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Clear Lake

Journey back to the early days of Octonic in Clear Lake, our very first cartoon-like running world that set the stage for the advanced worlds we’re building today. Based on the actual trail of the same name in Oregon, you’ll run through a forest, across expansive bridges, and by a glistening lake. Be sure to look out for wildlife as well – just don’t get too close to them!


Around The World

Take a jog around the world right from your home or gym. In a capture-the-flag style experience, you’ll run past landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and Taj Mahal, collecting each site as trophies in an adventurous competition that can be enjoyed with others. Run around each site to add them to your collection. The person with the most wins the event.


Space Miner

Hop on your treadmill to embark on a top-secret space mining mission. Get ready in the space stations before traveling deep into outer space. Use your hands to control laser beams to collect cores, crystals, and asteroids. You’ll be so busy earning points you won’t notice that you’re jogging.


Alien Invasion

Aliens have invaded Earth, leaving destruction in their path. Run through ruins and avoid UFO firepower as the Earthlings fight back. Strategically placed vortices will teleport you to new locations, protect you from dangers, and guide you to safety. An experimental world that brings PC-level graphics to mobile VR.


Winter Lake

Ever wondered what it would be like to run in the middle of a snowfield and not have to deal with freezing temperatures and all the snow and ice? This is your opportunity! Enjoy exercising in this visually stunning snowscape where you’ll run past snow-covered evergreens and around a glistening lake!

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