Connected Treadmills

In connected mode, you will perform a quick Bluetooth calibration to wirelessly connect your headsets to your treadmill. This will allow for communication between both devices, so that when the you change speeds or press start/stop in VR, the actual treadmill does the same in real time.

Check if your treadmill is compatible with Octonic. Your treadmill might not be on the list but still compatible so give it a shot.

The list below applies to 2022 and newer models of the treadmills. Older models may not be supported.

If your treadmill is compatible, to connect it to your VR headset you will need to enter its MAC address in Octonic. If you don’t know your treadmill’s MAC please refer to the instructions below.

Find MAC address Instructions

Manufacturer Models Capabilities
NoblePro All Fully integrated treadmill/control
Ablica Stream TM 20, Stream TM 40, TM45 BT, Stream TM60, TM65 AC BT, Premium AC BT Control
Asviva T18, T16, T23, T24 Control
Attacusfitness AT100, AT200, AT300, AT400, AT500, AT800, AT6000 Control
BCube Race 860, Race 760, Race 570 Control
Behumax Force Vibrator 580, Force 550 Control
Bluefinfitness Kick 2.5, Kick 2.0, Kick 5.0 Control
Bodytone DT12 (2021 gen), DT14 (2021 gen), DT16 (2021 gen), DT17 (2021 gen), DT18 (2021 gen), DT21 (2021 gen), EVOT4S Control
Brother GB4300, GB4400 , GB4600, GB5000, GB6000, GB7000/1, GB8000 , GB4650, GB5050 Control
Capital Sports Infinity Track 2.0, Infinity Track 4.0, Infinity Pro 4.0, Infintiy Pro 2.0, Pacemaker F120 Pro, Pacemaker F100, Pacemaker F120, Pacemaker F60, Pacemaker F70 Control
Cardiofitness IXO-5588 Control
Cardiostrong TX90 Smart Control
Care Fitness Marathon 20, CLUB RUNNER LED, FAST RUNNER, CT-734, Jog-Runner, Crosser, CT-960, CT-962, Marathon 22, IXO5588-2, CT-703, CT-705, CT-705-2, Runner Control
Christopeit Sport TM-5000S, TM-450S Control
Diadora Star 2000, Smart 90, Exess 6.0, Exess 14.5, Edge 2.7, Exess 4.6, Exess 11.4, Exess 11.6, Exess 4.8, Exess 5.8, Trim 5.5, Trim 7.5 Control
DKN Technology Treadmill ProRUN, Treadmill EnduRun, Treadmill RoadRUN, Treadmill AiRUN-Z, Treadmill AiRUN-C V2 Control
DOMYOS T900C, T540C, W900, incline RUN Control
Fassi F10.6, F7.1, F8.0, T60 CLUB, F12.8 AC, F6.7 HRC, F12.4 AC, F9.9 TFT, F10.5, F6.6, F7.2, F9.4, F9.5, F9.7, F9.8, F9.6 Control
Finnlo performance, alpine BT, endurance BT, technum BT, TR8000 Control
Flowfitness Kingston i, Kingston Pro i, PERFORM T3i, PERFORM T2i Control
Focus Fitness Jet 9i Plus, Senator iPlus, F80, Jet 7i Plus, TT8 Control
Gymstick GT3.0, GT4.0, GT7.0, RUN3.0 Control
Hammer Q.VADIS 5.0, Q.VADIS 3.0, Q.VADIS 7.0, Q.VADIS 10.0 Control
Hop Sport HS-3200lb Estima, HS-1400lb Bolt, HS-2800LB Integral, HS-900lb Clip, HS-1000lb Wind, HS-1500lb Vista, HS-2500lb Aspire, HS-3500lb Runair, HS-4000lb Ultima, HS-4500lb Ultima Pro Control
JLL Fitness T550 Control
JTX Club Pro, Sprint 5, Sprint 7, Sprint 9 Control
Kettler Run 1, Run 7, Run 11, Run S, Track S10, Track S4, Track R3 Control
LifePro Electrostride, Pacer Control
Masterfit TP200, TP900 Control
Muscle Squad P100, P300, P200 Control
Salter T-50 Control
Sportstech F31, F15, F17, FX300, F37, FX PRO, F75, FX400 Control
Tunturi T50, T60, T10, T40i, T80, T85, T90, T20, T40, FitRun 50i, FitRun 40i, FitRun 70i, FitRun 90i Control
TX Fitness TXF-SLIM SMART Control
Virtufit Elite Smart Touch, Elite comfort, TR-500i, TR-900i, TR-1000i, TR-200i, TR-90i Control
Xterra TRX4500, TRX3500 Control
YOUR MOVE TAP 180, TAP 160, TAP 3000 Control
ZIPRO Pacemaker, Pacto Control