by Nahiyan Ahmad May 23, 2023

Octonic to Launch Public Offering in Support of its VR Fitness App

The future of fitness is now. Apple’s new XR headset will catalyze the XR industry, changing the way people communicate, work, train, and play forever, just as its iPhone did with the mobile industry and our lives in 2007. Now is your opportunity to invest in an app, designed for XR headsets, that will revolutionize fitness.

On June 7th, right after Apple’s highly-anticipated introduction of their headset, Octonic, a NYC-based XR/VR fitness company, will be launching a public offering on StartEngine, enabling them to realize their full vision while helping runners and fitness enthusiasts alike exercise like never before. To learn more, investors can sign up to get the latest updates, and to reserve their spot in the public offering, they can register on Octonic’s StartEngine page.

Octonic is a XR/VR software that connects mobile headsets with treadmills, allowing users to safely and comfortably exercise with friends in environments the company has created, without leaving your home or gym. The app changes the treadmill workout from a boring, convenient exercise, to a fun, social, and gamified activity. Octonic also includes a non-treadmill mode that allows users to run in place without the need for a treadmill. Exercise anywhere, anytime, with whomever you want. Check out their promo video to see the product in action.

The app works with 99% of treadmills on the market in non-connected mode, where runners adjust the physical treadmill’s speed manually, utilizing a passthrough viewbox. The app also links with 40 treadmill brands in connected mode, allowing for full control over physical treadmills (start/stop, speed, etc.) from XR/VR through Bluetooth connectivity. Octonic’s Motion Engine precisely matches the physical treadmill speed with the XR/VR speed, greatly mitigating motion sickness risk, providing an extra level of safety, and empowering complete immersion. The app is currently available on Meta’s Quest 2 and Pro headsets, and soon will be available for the new Apple XR headset.

Due to a 3-level proprietary safety system, XR treadmill running is as safe as non-XR running. Octonic’s safety features include positional awareness to give runners real-time info about their position on the treadmill belt, a departure warning system that gives runners visual and audio cues if they leave the safety zone, and a passthrough feature that gives runners the option to switch out of virtual reality and into a full passthrough view of the real world with the simple press of a button in their XR/VR controls.

Octonic has maximized the current technology’s limits to achieve amazingly photorealistic worlds. In the past, they’ve designed a variety of game-like trails, ranging from forest environments to intergalactic stadiums. But after more than 2 years of work, they have now been able to achieve a new level of realism unparalleled with any other world they have built to-date. The first such world - Dystopian Cityscape - has just been released and is receiving rave reviews from its early runners. In the coming weeks, Octonic will release two of their most visually advanced nature worlds: a trail through a natural winter environment, as well as a tropical island run.

Looking forward, the company will achieve even greater photorealism and ease of use as XR technology advances. In addition to Apple’s XR headset, this year alone will see the release of highly anticipated headsets like the Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive XR Elite, with additional rumored headsets on the way. This new generation of headsets will be smaller, lighter, and more powerful in performance, so consumers will be able to exercise comfortably while experiencing increasingly realistic visuals.

Octonic’s software is sold through Meta’s AppLab and Walmart’s online stores, and to date, over 6,000 users have downloaded Octonic App. The team has also formalized partnerships with treadmill manufacturers, including their long-standing partner, NoblePro, and are in discussions with major fitness clubs to give members access to the app.

This is just the beginning, and with your support, Octonic will play an important role in Apple’s XR/VR fitness ecosystem, in addition to the ecosystems of other mobile headset manufacturers. The company’s next steps entail further developing the app and growing their marketing efforts, which is where the vast majority of the capital will be used.

The public offering launches on June 7th. Sign up with Octonic to take advantage of early time-based investment bonuses and register on StartEngine to reserve your spot in the campaign TODAY. Invest in the future of fitness with Octonic!