by Nahiyan Ahmad April 22, 2022

Running for Fun in VR with Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 on a Fitness Treadmill


Ever get bored with treadmill running? It’s a common issue, and you’re definitely not alone. Today’s fitness treadmill experience quite often is monotonous and isolating, even when supplemented with video screens and headphones. Despite helping us get in shape, treadmills can do more to capture our interest and get us engaged.

Whether you’re an avid runner, recreational jogger, or health-oriented walker, our solution, Octonic VR Motion Engine, solves this problem by transforming the treadmill experience into a fun adventure in the metaverse through use of our in-house developed software for VR headsets, like the Meta (Oculus) Quest 2. By experiencing Octonic VR, runners can enter virtual worlds, like canyons and forests, without leaving their home or gym.

To make this happen, we’ve developed a proprietary, 3-level safety system that provides real-time position tracking, a departure warning system, and automatic stop with Mixed Reality passthrough. As a result, runners will have both comfort and peace of mind.

We’ve built partnerships with treadmill manufacturers for full integration of our VR Motion Engine. Still, runners using non-integrated treadmills are able to utilize a basic version of our platform with any brand on the market. Converting your treadmill into a VR gaming adventure is as simple as downloading Octonic’s software and using it to calibrate your Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 with your treadmill in minutes.

Early consumer feedback has confirmed our product’s incredible promise. Recently, at the 2022 UK National Running show, we showcased Octonic to more than 80 running enthusiasts, who raved about their fun treadmill running experiences.

And we’re only just beginning. We’re working on an expanding set of features that will allow runners to achieve remote presence with friends, empowering them to create customized avatars and have real-time conversations during their exercise.

You won’t have to wait long for Octonic VR Fitness for Treadmills to officially launch later in 2022. In the meantime, sign up to get early access, and if you have a Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 and access to any fitness treadmill, you can try our free vr treadmill app demo using this link.

by Nahiyan Ahmad May 23, 2023

Octonic to Launch Public Offering in Support of its VR Fitness App

The future of fitness is now. Apple’s new XR headset will catalyze the XR industry, changing the way people communicate, work, train, and play forever, just as its iPhone did with the mobile industry and our lives in 2007. Now is your opportunity to invest in an app, designed for XR headsets, that will revolutionize fitness.